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'Forging Tanebasami' - see the whole process.

Talk about lucky. We got our hot little hands on this short documentary that explains the process of forging Tanebasami scissors, together with a little of their history. We first saw it a couple of years ago and were mesmerised.

That two little slabs of steel can be worked by hand and eye into a pair of incredibly sharp blades that work together in perfect harmony, it kind of defies the imagination. It's only when you have a pair of tanebasami in your hands, a glint in your eye and you're looking around for the next cuttable thing within reach that you really get it.

A quick word about it the video. Its original providence is lost in the sands of time but it appears to be one of a series celebrating 'dentou kougei' crafts and craftsmen. The narrator has slightly unusual pronunciation that we think is from Kagoshima, so it may have been a prefectural initiative.

Toward to end of the video the narrator mentions that there are six locations involved in the making of Tanebasami, but that's almost 25 years ago now.

Today the master craftsmen of Ikenami Hamono are the only makers engaged full-time in the crafting of tanebasami and tanebocho. (Mr Makisei, another expert craftsman whom you can see working in the video, still produces knives and scissors but we understand he is semi-retired.)

It's sad to think that one day these skills may be lost, but fortunately we live in a time when these wonderful hand-forged products are still available, which is why we're here :)