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Single-bevel knives for left-handers

It's common for vendors of Japanese knives to impose a 50% surcharge for single-bevel knives for left handers. Some makers do it too but we're fortunate that Ikenami Hamono does not. Neither do we - we're a lefty family.

All our single bevel knives are available for left-handed users at prices that reflect the extra cost involved in forging and stocking low-volume products. The price difference is generally commensurate with blade length. Prices for left-handed knives range from 2000 yen to around 6000 yen above prices for standard right-handed blades. 

Not all these knives are available ex-stock for left-handers and may have to be made to order, which will naturally mean a delay in delivery (not a long one).

Lefties, please note. The knives in this category are single bevel knives which by their nature are high quality tools. If you're after a comfortable, super-sharp knife at a lower price point to use in your home kitchen, please consider our black-forged knives. They suit right-handers and left-handers equally well.