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Hello from Japan!

When you buy a product from this website you're dealing with us, Michael and Fumi Shaw. Thank you for visiting Tanegashima Hamono.

Michael is originally from Hobart in sunny Tasmania at the cooler end of Australia, Fumi is Japanese, we met and married in Sydney many many years ago. These days our adult children are studying and working in Australia while we remain in Japan.

We've lived here since moving from Australia in 1997 BG (before Google). Our home is Hiroshima, a lovely river city with an obviously important history. We'd encourage everyone to visit Hiroshima and its Peace Memorial Park some time in their life, and if you do you’ll understand why.

We'll tell you a funny story. Back in 1997 Michael wasn't particularly interested in things Japanese. But this country kind of gets to you. With little to no knowledge of the depth and breadth of Japanese culture and history when he moved here, Michael has come to enjoy and admire much about life in Japan, other than the summer humidity. 

One fascinating aspect of Japanese life is the field of skilled industrial handcrafts. Hand-made products with storied histories carrying that still-exotic Japanese aesthetic, whose origins may be deeply entwined with the long and varied history of a given locality, the skills to produce them preserved by men and women dedicated to the old ways of Japan.

It's just so special to be able to enjoy beautiful handmade things in your life. Which brings us to Tanegashima Hamono.

The focus of this website is an island called Tanegashima, way, way south-west of Hiroshima off the coast of Kagoshima Prefecture (for fans of Google earth and analog maps, approximately 30.4 degrees North latitude, 130.9 degrees East longitude). On our first visit there we bought a pair of tanebasami scissors. They were a revelation.

We were fortunate to meet Ikenami san, master craftsman and President of Ikenami Hamono ('Ikenami Edge Tools'), a family company whose roots can be traced back over centuries. We got talking and agreed to collaborate on an internet presence for Ikenami Hamono’s knives, scissors and shears. We are very proud to be presenting these fine products to the world.

We still get that same sense of satisfaction every time we send a parcel off, knowing the pleasure the product inside will bring for years to come. Knowing that the recipient has purchased more than just a knife or a pair of scissors, but hundreds of years of history and generations of knowledge in an item that is handmade and absolutely of the highest quality. 

So there you go, that's us.

Remember, if you're looking for a product (not necessarily edge tools) or information that you don't see here, we've been around a while and we may be able to help. Feel free to ask.

Please tell us too if you'd like to join our mailing list, or you can just subscribe on the left there. Our newsletter has some stories you won't see on-site and occasionally a special deal or two.

If there's anything we can help you with please drop us a line using the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Michael and Fumi Shaw
Tanegashima Hamono


+81 80 4267 0766

8-17, Yasuhigashi 4 chome
Hiroshima City
Hiroshima Prefecture
Japan 731-0153

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